When We Come Together

Poem about People Together

when people come together
honestly show up in each other’s presence
something magical takes place
something we can’t predict
unfolds and grows in their midst

even in silence
they change the world
put down new roots
extend their tentacles
and make a difference

together as one
they paint the sky with stars
open secret doors to the universe
heal broken hearts and spirits
and make the world go round

is it any wonder
people seek company
along their journey?
is it any wonder
one plus one will always equal a million?

11 thoughts on “When We Come Together

  1. whether it’s company on the journey
    or the knowledge that we’re all in the same boat
    it still helps
    (though polona’s caveat is a wise one)
    cheers don

  2. Polona: And that too, I understand. Let’s hope for more of the good coming together. Thanks

    Kai: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

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