The Winds of Time

The winds of time blow over us
Taking with it everything
it ever gave us, and more
All the hopes, dreams, promises
Those lived, those unborn

And the years, they fly by
like loose sheet music in the wind
Many songs sung, even more unwritten
All eventually blown away–
helpless autumn leaves making way for winter

No use holding on to anything
Let it go…all of it
Can’t stop the wind
Its bitter sting in winter
Its comforting touch in summer

It’s not ours. None of it
Much easier that way
No keeping after anything
Not even the fire warming us, and
certainly not the inevitable wind

On Being Present

Don’t look back, you’ll only see
A faint, disappearing reality
Your past may beckon, set it free
Things behind you, let them be

Ahead of you, the future lies
Much to come, a surprise
Look ahead, if you will
But careful not, the present kill

Always in the now you are
Dangling even, from afar
Soon enough, the future comes
Now again, it becomes

Time escapes all of us
In between, we are thus
No matter where you are sent
Try your best, be present