Reality, Your Best Friend

your best friend reality reminds you
to rest, relax, heal, regain a sense of yourself
your friend reminds you
too much thinking, doing
or anything
could be the death of you

your best friend reality knows
the spaciousness beyond your limits, and
the limitlessness of the space filling you
your friend imposes no boundaries on you
with friendship, or in any other way
and requests you do the same

everyday, a journey to visit with your best friend
a new opportunity to experience
whatever shows up in your world
sometimes it’s easier to see things
and not worry what you call them
this makes for a better visit with reality

Give Me the Reality I Want!

Reality, neither good nor bad
It just is
Don’t like the suit it’s wearing this morning?
Learn to care less about suits
Sounds harsh, I know
But it’s true

Like you, my wants are the lens
through which I see the world
I want this, don’t want that
I want to feel this, not that
Don’t like the hand reality dealt you?
Don’t play cards