Wistful Childhood Dreams

wistful dreams, childhood years,
caught in time, joyful tears,
memories hover in my head,
angels dancing, wings outspread.

no borders between realities,
ride the waves in the breeze,
then is now, and now is then,
back and forth, again and again.

grandma’s house now in view,
time tunnel opens, deja vu,
nighttime arrives, skies navy blue,
fireflies flicker, evening dew.

alarm clock rings, must arise,
in my heart, morning butterflies,
now is then, then is now,
face this day, i will somehow.

Dreams Come True

Do you remember when you were nine
And you dreamed, without sleeping
Of travel to far-off places
Being a major league baseball hero
Discovering long-lost worlds
Where extinct Indians lived
And being so rich
That nobody in your family ever had to work

You’ve done all of these things
But in ways you never imagined
And for reasons you never expected
You’ve traveled inward
Discovered your own long-lost world
Rediscovered friends you thought gone forever
You are the hero of your own life story
And you have a richness way beyond money

All your dreams have come true
Even the tiny ones
That open vast life doors
And most of the large ones
That you thought could only be dreams
So you sit, watching clouds drift
Across bright blue sky
Now you see it’s all just a dream


we never know, really
what dreams will fill us
we turn off the light
close our eyes, and
the rest is left to our pillow

always dreams growing, under
the cover of so many masks
so many faraway places, thundering
in the background, waiting
for lightning to strike, and free us

some, full length movies, playing
over and over and over again
others, tantalizing clips, whetting
our appetites for more–
more than we can imagine

our dreams free us, if we allow them
to fill places inside us not yet born
as faint outlines they emerge
some ghosts, but most reminders
of what we’ve forgotten