three new keys
were made.
Spare keys
but new keys.
Keys brought into being
by conscious action.
Identical keys
opening the same doors
I’ve always opened
but now
with new keys.
Each opening doors
to the world
where I live now.
Then another key
different than the others
shows up in the mail
without my asking.
A world map
showing new worlds
tumbles unexpectedly
from an envelope.
All keys pointing
to coming changes.
The first three
urge me to look
for new ways
to open doors
in the world
where I already live.
The last key points
to a larger world
to be opened
with new keys
soon to be made.

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Souls Making Plans to Meet

Meet me.
Hopefully in the middle, but
somewhere deep, where
we can be who we are,
without all the pretending.

Hopefully we find the right place,
where we can be honest
without being ashamed.
Hopefully this place
where we meet
doesn’t call forth our desparation
or the usual sensual pleasures
causing us to dissolve.

Hopefully this place stirs us–
together, where we can touch
for one moment longer
than we have been apart.
Hopefully this place brings silence
to all the words, no matter
how poetic they may be.

Meet me.
Anywhere, where
truth can be known
without us having to judge anything.
And in that place,
may we embrace,
and be just one.

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As Above, So Below

All that is above
is also below.
The invisible inside
eventually is projected outward.

What takes form outside reflects back,
like the pond’s perfectly still surface,
allowing the soul to glimpse itself,
if only for a fleeting second,
before dissolving like the day into night.

The world around us appears and disappears
with each turn of the psychic wrench,
tightening and loosening our grip
on all coming and going as reality.

All springing from the inner depths
eventually is planted
in the outer mirror
for all to see.

As above,
so below.
As above,
so below.

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