A Sunday Morning Reflection on Nothing Special

White satin flowers
Azure summer sky
Gone for now
No need to cry

Wispful thinking
Maddening dreams of hope
November morning
Life’s unending scope

Seasons change
One to another
Watch your window
Thank Earth Mother

Faint gray-white clouds
Paintbrush sky
Leaveless trees
Oh my my

Easy going Sunday morn
Nothing to be done
Take it easy
Walk don’t run

Yielding to Myself

On foot I hiked across the field
To no transient pleasure did I yield
For I must find my heart’s desire
Most surely before, I retire

The sun shines bright upon my head
In quiet I walk, no word was said
A clearing comes within my view
Just then I knew, what to do

I climbed a tree to the perfect place
And toward the sun, I did face
Younger days rose up inside of me
For from my tree, I now could see
A part of me that had been lost
One I must know at any cost

Until the sun went down, I did sit
An illuminating fire within, had been lit
Sometimes we need to get away
And find ourselves in another way

When darkness fell, I headed home
The sky above, a star-filled dome
On foot I hiked, across the field
Finally, to my true self, I did yield

Our Younger Years

Younger years, what they brought
Laughs and tears, lessons taught
Late night parties, up till dawn
After three, all senses gone

Friends we made, without trying
Girls we hustled, always vying
Drinking beer, bladders bursting
Never too much, always thirsting

In the moment, we did live
No better thing, life could give
Filled with spirit, we met each day
So much meaning, words can’t say

Thinking back, restores our hope
Helps us now, better cope
Can’t go back, that’s for sure
But memories help, make us more

On the Occasion of the Eastern Star’s 2007 Pie Sale

We love our pies
Fried with butter
Hear their cries
Our hearts aflutter

Make them, sell them
Give ‘em to your mutter
Not a one, can we condemn
Better than bread and butter

Dutch apple, cherry
Raspberry, coconut cream
Take a bite, please don’t tarry
See your smile, face all abeam

Each a favorite, to someone
Pick a pie that speaks to you
Buy that apple for your son
Send that blueberry to Katmandu

Eastern Star, since 1958
Those pies they bake
We can appreciate
Buy one now, for our sake

Written for Della Murphy and her
Eastern Star chapter, Lexington, OK.