To Mary On Our Anniversary

Twenty-eight years ago on the twenty-fourth day of June,
we committed ourselves to a loving life together,
and off to France we flew for our honeymoon.

Our careers blossomed as our love grew–
Giving us the confidence
to our own souls be true.

Each home we’ve owned brought happiness and peace.
By our side, always kitties,
causing our love to increase.

To this day, I recall your ponytail bob,
as down the track you ran,
making my passion-struck heart throb.

Grateful we are for the people touching our lives–
Some over a lifetime, others just a moment.
Through all the ups and downs, our love survives.

With time we’ve matured, adding to our years.
The sparkle in our eyes still endures
through laughter, cheers, even some tears.

For each of us, I believe it’s fair say,
that the best in our lives has happened together–
Things we could never imagine have come our way.

I’d do it all over again…spend my life with you.
On this twenty-eighth wedding anniversary,
our soulful commitment and beautiful love renew.

Friends Who Dare to Love

Walk with me, be my friend
Continue on, till the end
And when the road disappears
Let’s sit together, count the years

Not one forgotten, or let go by
Each a precious star, in the sky
Then, when each is accounted for
We open yet one final door

Through it together, we slowly walk
Words we hold, do not talk
Once on the other side of time
We await the bells, till they chime

Then through the valley, they echo long
Fill us deeply, with their song
Throughout the night, our love burns strong
Our hearts rejoice, forever we belong

Missed You While You Were Gone

Three days, you’ve been away
I’ve missed you
like Charlie Brown missed Lucy
when her family moved across town

Last night, out of habit
I set out two cups for morning coffee
Seeing yours empty this morning
filled my heart with loneliness

Cleaned the kitties’ boxes
without you asking
Fed your bird friends…
all twelve feeders, to the brim

Sensing my missing you last night
the kitties curled up next to me
Lily kneaded my arm
till she fell fast alseep

Even with the sprawling cats
our bed felt king-size empty
without your warm cuddly body
nestled next to mine

The slight hint of perfume
you left on your pillow, reminded me
I’ve loved your sweet scent
from our first date and kiss

Can’t wait to see your black Infiniti in the drive
and watch you size up your slumbering flowers
We hug. I sniff the baby soft nape of your neck
You coo: “Boy, am I glad to be home”

Saturday Night You’re Not With Me

It’s Saturday night, you’re not with me
That much is plain enough to see
Sat at the bar, waitin’ for you
Closin’ time comin’, almost two

Losin’ hope, beer by beer
Life without you, my worst fear
Last time I saw you, in your pink and white dress
I thought what a beauty, I must confess

I glance in the mirror, hopin’ to see you
I look at the door, wantin’ you to walk through
It’s now past last call, this place is a closin’
You’re not comin’ tonight, that I’m supposin’

Part of me says, give you a call
Even better yet, stop by your residence hall
Then I think, what if you’re with him
My chances with you growin’ more dim

It’s Saturday night, you’re not with me
That much is plain enough to see.

Another one written during my college days
in Tucson. As I recall, this was written in 1971.
Again, shooting for song lyrics with this one.

Catch Me Please

Remember that first night
when you saw me watching you?
Those hazel eyes of yours
said softly I want you too

Then when you walked away
you left me kind a blue
I think, pretty lady
I could fall in love with you

Can I ask just one thing
if there’s no hope for me with you?
Catch me pretty baby
before I fall too hard for you

If no is your answer
I’ll simply slip away
That void you left
I’ll fill another way

We can’t pretend to be
something that we’re not
But I wish you’d give
my dream for us
at least an even shot

Dreams need time
just like me and you
to unwind, and then come true
And while there’s no tellin’
where our love will go
Please let your eyes
dance with mine tonight
Maybe then
you’ll see things the way I do

Yes, pretty lady
just one night to show you
what our love can do

But if you can’t…
then all I ask
is catch me please, pretty lady
before I fall in love with you

Yes, all I ask
is catch me please
before I fall
too deep in love with you.

Written by Don Iannone in 1970, Tucson, Arizona.

Tell Me One More Time

Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you
Let me, once again
Hold you like I do
Say you won’t forget me
and how we used to be
Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you.

So long ago, when we’d dance
our love seemed so true
Remember how we always were
you as me and me as you
In each other’s eyes
the world, grew and grew
Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you

Sometimes I think I can’t go on
knowing you are gone
The memories leave me empty
ain’t no life, without you
Give our love one last chance
that’s the least you can do
Tell me, just one more time
I can’t fall in love with you

Written in Tucson, Spring 1971.
Thought I wanted to be a songwriter
back then.

Don’t Leave Me Baby

Well past two, we danced last night
Legs out stretched, in paradise
Swillin’ beer, almost blind
Still see your face, oh so fine
Held you close, three slow numbers we danced
Circling earth, time we chanced
Wanted you, to swallow me
Give me lovin’, set me free
With hair drippin’, we said goodbye
My heart’s trippin’, you’re the one I cry
Your perfume lingers, like sweet butterflies
Don’t leave me baby, share your surprise
Just you and me, sleepin’ in till noon
School can wait, mornin’ comes too soon
A thing or two, I could learn from you
You break my heart right in two
Drivin’ home, you were all I could see
Light my fire, set me free.
Tomorrow’s Friday, let’s dance all night
In my arms, I’ll hold ya tight

Note: Written in 1971 by Don Iannone, in
Tucson, Arizona, soon after the release of
Lee Michaels’ single, “Do You Know What I Mean?”

Celebrating Seventeen Years Together with the Robins in Boston Commons

As the sun scoots westward,
leaving orange and salmon streaks
across the Boston sky,
plump robins continue pecking
for last unsuspecting worms
in the cool, just watered, grass.
And as day hands the baton to night,
hand in hand we stroll
out the Boston Commons gate,
and head back to the hotel
where hot fudge sundaes,
topped with whipped cream and cherries await us,
capping the perfect 17th anniversary celebration.