Me and My Shadow

Not the song sung by so many
But a way of saying
Something of us lurks
Beyond what we most often see

Just the other day
I walked in the noon day sun and watched
How my shadow followed me
Just about everywhere I went

In a much deeper sense
Our shadow abides, just beyond our conscious grasp
Carl Jung would say—
The unformed, non-integrated parts of us

On a sunny day, we’re wedded forever
To that faint outline of our being
That appears always one step behind us
One degree separating us from the moment to come

Shadows, like mirrors, remind us
Even when we’d rather forget
That life unfolds moment by moment
Dispelling all myths we are eternal

Of my shadow I ask
What is it that you bring
That will save me from the setting sun
The pain of ice cold darkness

As so often I’ve found
And surely you’d agree
Our shadow is always there
Even when no sun does appear