Pronounced O-hi-o
Name from the Seneca Indian word ohi:yo’
Meaning beautiful river
Two hundred twenty miles wide and long

Born 1803, same year as Emerson
Colors, scarlet and gray
Bird, bright red cardinal
Some famous Ohioans, Marilyn Manson, Traci Lords

Eight Ohio presidents, the mother of presidents they say
Ohioans, proud prodding people
A mixed bag, not one thing but many
By a stretch, more profane than urbane

For many years, a place to make things
Now a place remaking itself
Like all states, good things, people to brag about
Known for buckeyes…an inedible nut of no commercial value

Eleven plus million people, seventh most populous state,
On Eastern Standard Time, but behind the times in some ways
A practical, grounded place, like Woody Hayes’ football
One wish for Ohio, believe in what you can’t see