I waited for you,
You did not come,
I watched for you,
My eyes grew tired.
I fell fast asleep.

As I slept,
There were dreams
Dancing through my head
Of you.
Life and death.

You were there.
In all my dreams.
The buzz of your wings constant.
Your gleeful chirp between sips
Of life’s sweet nectar.

I awakened from my dreams.
There you were at my window.
There you were in my heart.
It’s all a miracle—
The dreams, life, hummingbirds.

Watching Two Hummingbirds Embrace

Two hummingbirds danced in half circles
Tilting slightly into the white morning sun
Behind the sleeping, now drab cone flowers
Their beaks touched ever so gently
As parting lovers might embrace
Until their time comes once again

It all seemed so natural, unrehearsed
Without expectation
No lingering for tears
No quiet desperation
Not even the slightest clinging to life
Two angels, wings aflutter in divine harmony

In the presence of such a miracle
How can you not be changed, even transformed
I cried, like a child wanting to be held close
To hear mother’s heartbeat
To hear the fluttering wings of angels
Hovering above me as I sleep