St. James Cathedral, Toronto

Large decorative front doors
Opening our hearts wide

In a good way, Anglican
With sharp edges probing us

Old, reaching out to the ageless
Making us feel our timelessness

Ornate beauty, inspiring us to find
What lingers just beyond our grasp
But causes us to rise
Above our small selves

Light through stain-glass windows
Streaming through us
Into our souls

Angelic voices, capturing our sweetness
Carrying us high above

Faces, all shades of the rainbow
God’s love, from all directions
On Third Advent Sunday
At St. James Cathedral in Toronto

On Advent He Speaks

God speaks to us, always
Even when we think He’s not there
He speaks through everything
and nothing
Not always words
Other signs and wonders

His, a voice inside, coaxing us:
Be true to ourselves
Be true to Him
Honor the Essence, He says
That which comes before
Honor the Creator, the Holy One

Sometimes we want our words
to be His words
Sometimes there are no words
Just silence stilling our souls
Sometimes we forget He’s there
Just His presence, watching over us

Christmas nearing
He reminds us to commune
and shine in Christ’s love
In each breath, Advent
An eternal coming
Within His words and silence