Chasing Cosmic Butterflies

The chase begins the moment we enter this world, and
it continues till our last breath
Toltec wisdom says life is a dream, and
we are all walking mirrors—
Everything we think and feel is reflected back to us
through the great dream mirror of life

Some dreams are bigger than others, and
our biggest dream is who we think we are, which
contains all other dreams, visions, fantasies,
and life goals we chase through life
I believe the chase is born into us, and
so are the cosmic butterflies we chase

The ego is a giant volcano, spewing millions of cosmic butterflies
that fill our lives, giving us more and more things to chase
Making us believe we are getting somewhere, and
that we are becoming somebody, but
it’s all one big dream mirror, playing tricks on us
making us believe that the cosmic butterflies are real

Some break out of the dream, but
not without breaking the mirror
Most continue to chase their cosmic butterflies
even the special butterfly that chases away all the other butterflies
making us believe he is the only real butterfly we need to chase
The only way out is to break the mirror

From my new poetry book entitled Chasing Cosmic Butterflies. Check out a copy here.