Dancing Words onto the Page

Write, defying reality with your words
Bend it, like no gravity holding it in place
because there is none
other than your hesitation

The blank page reaches out to you
lusting for your touch
At times, gentle as a summer breeze
Other times, rough, impatient as the shark’s jaws
clasping big ideas riveting readers

The page, your partner
brings emptiness
drawing out your heart and soul
into the magical creative dance
you only learn as you go

Waltz, tango, disco, rumba if you will
your way to unvisited places
Those where you leave your scent
like some wild animal
marking uncharted territory

Really good ideas often hide, sometimes
like a stealthful great horned owl
camouflaged by darkness in high branches
Listen for wisdom in your words

As the dance ends, remember
any finish line, one you draw with your words
Trust them
They always seem to know the time