How Flowers Grow

if you sit long enough
with an open heart
and watch the flowers in your garden
beside the forest trail, or
even by the side of the road
you’ll see how they grow

you’ll find no indecipherable code
no intractable secret to be discovered, or
even anything different
than anything else in life
that makes flowers grow

if you sit long enough
with an open heart
you’ll see your own flowering beauty–
springing from nowhere
going nowhere, like the flowers

you’ll see that the flowers
like your own true nature
are part of a stream, flowing
through you, past you, and eventually
merging with all else you’ve imagined

Lost in Thought

useless, so much what we think
no beginning, no end
one steady stream…of unconsciousness

shifting directions, like the wind
like water, seeking the path of least resistance
often like a bad storm
causing us to run for cover

addicts, all of us, to our minds
to our indiscriminate ideas
wretched habits of thought

no way to think your way out of it
only makes it worse
one thing seems to work…lose your mind
hang out a bit in the now
somehow, thinking minds can’t live there

power of now