Life and Death: Two Sides of the Same Quantum Coin

Life and death–
Two sides of the same quantum coin.
Heads you win, tails you lose.
Call the flip.
Tails you win, heads you lose.
Call it again.

What our consciousness manifests
when we flip the coin.
What consciousness manifests
when we flip the coin.

Life and death–
Two sides of the same quantum coin.

An Ode to Dr. Amit Goswami

Without his vision, I might not know
Our universe is self-aware,
Or that consciousness is the bridge
Connecting possibility and actuality.

He challenged me to observe my thoughts,
But also intently listen to what I feel.
A loving bulldog in every way,
His undying will to blaze and mark new trails.

In our comfort zones, most of us remain–
Places safe, little threat to who we are.
But that’s not the way
To be the change in the world of quantum reality.

Not many men of science are so bold
To risk major rejection and assault.
That’s why a loving spirit is required
To not take so personal vengeful attacks.

Once we gaze through the visionary window,
We see a world filled with quantum possibilities.
Why not converse with your soul,
And gain its wisdom on what the future holds.

Most of all, his work reminds me of
Our amazing powers of co-creation.
And through the eyes of our soul,
We give shape to our destiny.

Note: Dr. Amit Goswami, a theoretical physicist by training, is a former professor of mine who made the world of quantum physics accessible to me. Dr. G is one of the world’s leading authorities on the scientific, medical and spiritual implications of quantum physics. I continue to follow his groundbreaking work.

Life Questions

Let’s try our best not to make unwarranted assumptions in life–
They block our natural spiritual unfolding.
It’s far better to allow open questions to linger
Until they are ready to answer themselves.

Each of us is a living question, and
We remain alive as long as our question lingers.
Our questions ride the cosmic waves of quantum possibility
Until they take form as an answer, and then they cease to exist.