To Mary On Our Anniversary

Twenty-eight years ago on the twenty-fourth day of June,
we committed ourselves to a loving life together,
and off to France we flew for our honeymoon.

Our careers blossomed as our love grew–
Giving us the confidence
to our own souls be true.

Each home we’ve owned brought happiness and peace.
By our side, always kitties,
causing our love to increase.

To this day, I recall your ponytail bob,
as down the track you ran,
making my passion-struck heart throb.

Grateful we are for the people touching our lives–
Some over a lifetime, others just a moment.
Through all the ups and downs, our love survives.

With time we’ve matured, adding to our years.
The sparkle in our eyes still endures
through laughter, cheers, even some tears.

For each of us, I believe it’s fair say,
that the best in our lives has happened together–
Things we could never imagine have come our way.

I’d do it all over again…spend my life with you.
On this twenty-eighth wedding anniversary,
our soulful commitment and beautiful love renew.

She Left Me

She left me
All alone, so very blue
She left me
Reasons why, I never knew

She left me
Standing there by myself
She left me
All my dreams on some deserted shelf

She left me
Wondering where I go from here
She left me
Not so much as one tear

She left me
My lonely heart, oh so blue
She left me
Broke my heart in two

Note: Written in senior year of high school, 1969, St. Clairsville, Ohio. This poem was intended as song lyrics. They never made it, but I never really tried to use them in a song.

To Mary

How does one say I love you?
Your eyes stare holes into my soul
The type never can be filled
Oceans of passion all about me, but
These openings will always remain

One is never the same
Once looked at that way
The way you first looked at me
Always something will be missing
Something only you bring me

The bob of your ponytail
Your sweet shy smile
How you held yourself
Now how you hold onto me
Stirrings from when we first met

You knew yourself, still do
Not necessarily with words, but
Always in how you look, those eyes
Searching, and bringing you into focus
Still, a mystery is about you

Have I said it…that I love you?
Tonight let’s sit together
In a dark corner of the bar
Sip martinis, play footsie
And let our hearts pound against each other

A Love Poem from Playa Conchal

There is something about this moment
The one we shared together
Leaving us breathless
Taking us to a place we’d never been

There is something about this moment
The way it holds us together
Lifting us up toward the sun
Sweeping our hearts away

There is something about this moment
The way it doesn’t last
Making us appreciate it even more
Assuring us love is always now