Snow-Bound Sunday Morning

two days, two nights, the snow fell
three feet of pristine white velvet left behind
drifts even deeper
blanketing everything in sight

glorious virgin whiteness
god’s purity covering all
muffling all sound
slowing down a speeding world

hunger brings them, even amidst the blizzard
white-tailed deer trudge their usual path
to the bird feeders, now within reach
aided by mother nature’s crystalline step ladder

the winter sun shines brightly
olive brown gold finches nimble coal-black thistle
brilliant red cardinals scour the big flat feeder
for much loved crunchy sunflower seeds

a remarkable sermon this sunday morning
lessons, deep as the snow, taught by the deer
the finches, cardinals, the sun
all one, in nature’s snowy arms

16 thoughts on “Snow-Bound Sunday Morning

  1. Alok: Thanks. It was good to visit your blog. You have some great stuff going on there…poetry and all. Snow is a special experience — I love the way it quiets the world.

  2. I loved the way you constructed this … the last I saw snow was when I was 11 yrs old when I had been on a vacation to Darjeeling with my parents … Your poem made me feel the snow that I miss in my life …

    Thanks for taking your time on my blog. truly appreciated


  3. Nature is a great teacher … those that are hell bent on destroying it … should be aware and listen to the voice of nature.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.
    hugs for you

  4. Beautiful capture, Don. Looks like we got the same amount of snowfall over here. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

  5. what a wonderful scene this conjures up! and lessons to be learned…

    now all that’s missing is my bear (i’m sure he wouldn’t mind… the poor fellow lives in a zoo) 😉

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