what wells up inside
at times, a tear becoming a waterfall
a feeling in our gut
spreading like the wind throughout us

often not the result of hard thought, rather
what casually slips into our heart
sometimes a no-nonsense notion
overtaking us like a tornado

taking form in words, but not always
could be a smile, hug, a questioning look
something old we remember
at times, simply walking away

inside us always, but
not always within reach
there, waiting like the next breath
wisdom, your true nature

Author: Don Iannone, D.Div.

Biography Photographer, poet, teacher, complementary medicine provider, interfaith minister, and former economic developer. Holds a Doctorate in Divinity, Master of Divinity, Master of Mind-Body Medicine, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Clinical certifications in Reiki, guided meditation, life purpose coaching, and spiritual counseling.  Author of 12 books, including two new books in the contemporary spirituality field. Learn more here. Contact Information Kosmos Consulting and Research website: https://www.donaldiannone.com/  Visual Advantage Photography website: http://www.visualadvantagephoto.com Flickr Photo Page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/don-iannone Contact Don Iannone by email: diannone@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “Wisdom”

  1. It does “well up” like that. I think of it as the opposite of “cleverness.” If it’s something I consciously come up with all on my own, so to speak, then it’s not going to be wise…

  2. once again you have summed it up so well
    sometimes such thoughts/knowledge seem so concrete
    at other times – wholly intangible

    thank you

  3. I like it!

    This is good:
    “often not the result of hard thought, rather
    what casually slips into our heart”

    And this:
    “there, waiting like the next breath
    wisdom, your true nature”


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