In a Dream, Finding Lost Parts of Myself

Last night, in a dream
I discovered lost parts of myself
Fragments, bits and pieces, slivers of my life
Found all together
Stacked in a pile
On the bottom of an empty trash dumpster

Such intense joy
Finding in one place
All that I’d lost, thrown away, forgotten
Tears filled my eyes
Knowing these parts of me still existed
As tattered pictures, drawings, letters
Old wristwatch bands, key chains
Even a chain given me by my Dad

Those close to me were there—
My wife, mother, father, others
But they couldn’t help directly
The discovery was mine alone to unearth
To grasp with my own hands
At the very bottom of the psychic dumpster

Not all dreams are the same
Though there is but one dreamer for each of us
Some would say this one—a BIG dream
Significant to healing parts of my soul
I had discarded, mislaid, just plain forgotten

I felt Dad’s presence
Even as he lay dying
In a bed in Tupelo
Dreaming his own dreams—
Last dreams in his dreamer’s final sleep
He told me the chain was once his, now mine
A gift given long ago

This chain—more than a material object
Something deeper, holding us together
Connecting us through our dreams, and more
This chain—the great chain of being
Larger than that connecting a father and son
This chain—linking us to ourselves
To the deepest parts of our soul we can imagine

What was lost, now is found
Resting in full view on a nearby shelf
Awaiting my hand
When I’m ready
To touch, open, bring back to life
What I thought dead and gone

Remembering an Old Picture

Dad, I remember an old picture
Just a little boy of five
I stood proudly in front of you
Your protective hand and arm about my shoulder
My arms clutching Moo Moo and Zippy—
My two favorite stuffed animals

You were so tall, nearly a mountain
Your hair, dark and wavy
So strong, seemingly eternal
Like some mythical god-like hero
Boys my age worshipped—
And I did

No idea what was on our minds
But we looked happy
We smiled the same way
Without trying or pretending
Whoever snapped the picture knew
This is how we wanted to be

Dad, I look at you now
Your eyes dark and hollow
Your hands still large but pale
I desperately wonder where your life has gone
All the more reason—
This picture means so much