In Between Place

Introspective Poetry, Relationship Poetry

You know me
but you don’t
At least not
as I know myself

I know you
but I don’t
At least not
as you know yourself

Somewhere in between us
there is an intersection
we create to discover, and
get to know each other

And, somewhere beyond
this place we know
there is another place
taking us past ourselves

That place is where
real knowing occurs
and where the boundary
between us disappears

15 thoughts on “In Between Place

  1. Aurora: Thanks so much for your willingness to review Dad’s book. You are very kind to do this and Dad will really appreciate. I won’t tell him. Instead I will show it to him once it’s done. Hope you are well.

  2. This is excellent, Don!

    By the way, your father’s book arrived. It is wonderful! I am happy to do a review and should have it done in about 2 weeks time. I’ll send it round to you first for your approval.

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