Inner Demons

Poem about Inner Demons, Psychological Poetry

Who are your demons?
Those living inside you
Hiding from light in the shadows
Always there, waiting

Steering your life into treacherous waters
Sapping away the best you have
Riding you like a wave
Ultimately, filling you with emptiness

Though you wish otherwise
your demons are never separate from you
Always, buried parts of us, growing
like weeds among the roses

Strangling us to death
Until we name them
they continue to inhabit us
What are their names?

8 thoughts on “Inner Demons

  1. Dear Don,
    Out of my sheer love to your poems and beautiful words which has always soothed my heart, I have again quoted one of your poem as a part of my photography display on flickr. Heres the link to it.

    Welcome to the Dark Side (_DSC4455)

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