How Life Seemed One January Morning

Sorrow falls where happiness fails
Laughter, tears, endless trails
Beyond that place we usually hide
Much deeper still we must abide

Sprinkled through the life we live
Magic’s touch, we must forgive
Life and death writ upon our hands
Each trickles through us, life’s fine sands

Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin
All around us, what we’ve brought forth
Waiting within, our true north

So much to ponder, but more to live
Often wonder, what to give
Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin

Freehand drawing, life appears
Moves us past all the tears
Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin

Author: Don Iannone, D.Div.

Biography Photographer, poet, teacher, complementary medicine provider, interfaith minister, and former economic developer. Holds a Doctorate in Divinity, Master of Divinity, Master of Mind-Body Medicine, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Clinical certifications in Reiki, guided meditation, life purpose coaching, and spiritual counseling.  Author of 12 books, including two new books in the contemporary spirituality field. Learn more here. Contact Information Contact Don Iannone by email:

10 thoughts on “How Life Seemed One January Morning”

  1. Yes, life can be like this, but the wonder of it all is that even death is a part of life — I enjoyed this. The repetition of “Moments pass, new ones begin” flowed well and made the message very clear.

  2. “freehand drawing” says it for me
    things move on – but not to a pre-ordained pattern
    nice thought don
    thank you

  3. Thanks Gautami. I hear what you’re saying. Sometimes it all feels like it’s too much. Had one of those very days today, but here I am consoling a friend and letting poetry carry me to a better place (frame of mind). Gautami, you’re worth it! You have a special calling that only you can fulfill. That is no cliche. Just the plain unvarnished truth.

    Dan: Thanks and I agree with your observation. Very much so. And yes, finally back with a poem. Too much too fast for me. S-l-o-w d-o-w-n I must remind myself.

    Polona: Thanks. Keep blessing and world with your insightful glimpses of reality with so few words and beautiful pictures.

    Kai: Thanks and glad you enjoyed this one. You’e a real inspiration to me. A heart bigger than the world.

  4. I think we all feel that way sometimes, Gautami, if we’re honest with ourselves about it. Positive needs negative in order to be.

    And thanks, Don, for this awaited poem.


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