No Reasons

Some people say there is a reason for everything in life
God’s will, cause-effect relationships, higher purpose, their will
I’ve said the same thing on many occasions
But at this moment, as I gaze out over the city and lake
I don’t believe there is a reason for anything
No Divine purpose or plan we’re a part of
No higher good to be served by suffering
No reason to deny our joy

As I gaze out over the city and lake
I marvel at life’s beauty, its splendor
But I see no higher purpose to be served
by Cleveland, Lake Erie, not even my gazing

I see no reason for any footnotes, endnotes,
or cited references of any sort
for what moves in and out of my field of vision
My forever limited view of the world

Some people say there is a reason for everything in life
As I gaze out over the city and lake
without purpose or expectation
I see no reason for anything in the world
except my own hopeless clinging to life
through all my useless reasons, causal explanations
And most all, my wanting for there to be more than there is

People in the World

Have you noticed
there are some people
who invariably live
to steal your joy?

How they siphon off your freedom
Your innate endowments
Those things defining who you are
and nobody else could possibly be

Have you noticed
there are some people
who believe their life
is infinitely more important than yours?

I’ve noticed there are
two types of people in the world:
Those living to serve something higher, and
those living at others’ expense

A January Eve Riddle

We can choose to forget or remember
Depending upon our current reality
We are now just past December
Last signs, youthful vitality

Truth a mere lost vanity
Younger years, days gone by
Sparing all humanity
Hopes, dreams, say goodbye

Amidst the rush, long winter storm
Nights and days lose all form
Tell us why we should conform
Live we shall to transform

These dire times to be overcome
Onward, upward, way beyond
So much left to become
Then alas waves life’s magic wand

Confessions on a Bitter Cold January Morning

Slipping away each day
Life, but also illusion
Forgetting at times—
A good thing
Cleansing, renewing us
Purging the insanity
Killing off our joy

On this bitter cold January morning
The wildfire inside me rages
Consuming everything in its path
Including the faded goodness
I wear so proudly
As armor against death
And its deceitful bantering

The alchemist stirs the words
In familiar self-serving circles
The search for magic ends
No gold
Just more feeble incantations
Taking their turns
Dancing with time in poetic armor

Reminding Myself at the New Year’s Beginning

A new year begins
In one sense, completely new
Different than all others
In another sense, like all the others
Peppered with unanswerable questions

On this new year’s first day
I pause, remind myself
We live in each moment
One breath at a time
Each a miracle, a blessing

Also, I remind myself
We only truly live
When we align
With what’s real inside us
That giving us our heartbeat

The world is filled with lies
The biggest one remains
The illusion of permanence
That anyone or anything lasts
Past its time

Resolutions are fruitless
Leading us astray
Causing us to miss our real lives
Those fleeting milliseconds we exist
Just tiny ripples in the universe’s eternal vastness

Makes You Wonder

Makes you wonder
Why we worry so much
Why we fret reality
What’s completely inevitable
Far beyond our desires

Makes you wonder
What lies inside
Making us so sensitive
To a sunrise, sunset
And everything in between

Despite all we think we know
Tomorrow shows up
Magically intertwined with today
And all other days
That have ever been

Wanting to simply believe
In Santa Claus, Jesus, God the Father
Yet it is so clear
What we believe
Always serves what really is

So we appear in each moment
Somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow
The key, never fear or doubt
What and how life presents itself
Instead, savor each breath, its life-giving

New Life in Focus

New life
Emerging each moment
With each breath
Hope is born
Bringing our deepest desires into focus

New blossoms on the tree of life
Pure, virgin whiteness
Against a burning blue sky
Each blossom a breath
Each breath a new beginning

Programmed from birth
To become the fruit of life
Sustaining us
Transforming us
Like the rain and sun give us rainbows

No pain
Unless we resist
Stand in tomorrow’s way
Accept the gift—
New life in focus

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