Reminding Myself at the New Year’s Beginning

Living in the Moment, Living in the Moment Poem, Metaphysical Poem, Metaphysical Poetry

A new year begins
In one sense, completely new
Different than all others
In another sense, like all the others
Peppered with unanswerable questions

On this new year’s first day
I pause, remind myself
We live in each moment
One breath at a time
Each a miracle, a blessing

Also, I remind myself
We only truly live
When we align
With what’s real inside us
That giving us our heartbeat

The world is filled with lies
The biggest one remains
The illusion of permanence
That anyone or anything lasts
Past its time

Resolutions are fruitless
Leading us astray
Causing us to miss our real lives
Those fleeting milliseconds we exist
Just tiny ripples in the universe’s eternal vastness

2 thoughts on “Reminding Myself at the New Year’s Beginning

  1. a new beginning
    always finding balance in moments
    an emotional balance

    a new blessing
    every moment a new discovery
    a continuous journey

    a living heartbeat
    in a body serving vehicle
    a spiritual life

    all survival tactics
    coming in lies and truths
    yin and yang

    a real life
    only definition by different selves
    a limited perception

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