Don’t Leave Me Baby

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Well past two, we danced last night
Legs out stretched, in paradise
Swillin’ beer, almost blind
Still see your face, oh so fine
Held you close, three slow numbers we danced
Circling earth, time we chanced
Wanted you, to swallow me
Give me lovin’, set me free
With hair drippin’, we said goodbye
My heart’s trippin’, you’re the one I cry
Your perfume lingers, like sweet butterflies
Don’t leave me baby, share your surprise
Just you and me, sleepin’ in till noon
School can wait, mornin’ comes too soon
A thing or two, I could learn from you
You break my heart right in two
Drivin’ home, you were all I could see
Light my fire, set me free.
Tomorrow’s Friday, let’s dance all night
In my arms, I’ll hold ya tight

Note: Written in 1971 by Don Iannone, in
Tucson, Arizona, soon after the release of
Lee Michaels’ single, “Do You Know What I Mean?”

11 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me Baby

  1. When you were young, huh? nice work
    (by the way – in 1971, I was all but 5. That make you feel a little older? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  2. Thanks Polona, Nasra, and Floots. This was the Don from several years ago. It was a great time of being wild and living in the moment.

  3. Wow when I started to read I was wondering is that you Don ,,,LOL but as I reached the end I knew that it was the young Don ..

  4. Kai: Thanks so much. This was written back in the days when you fell in love with every lovely young lady you saw. I was 20 when I wrote this. Wild and unbridled.

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