Friends Who Dare to Love

Love Poetry

Walk with me, be my friend
Continue on, till the end
And when the road disappears
Let’s sit together, count the years

Not one forgotten, or let go by
Each a precious star, in the sky
Then, when each is accounted for
We open yet one final door

Through it together, we slowly walk
Words we hold, do not talk
Once on the other side of time
We await the bells, till they chime

Then through the valley, they echo long
Fill us deeply, with their song
Throughout the night, our love burns strong
Our hearts rejoice, forever we belong

12 thoughts on “Friends Who Dare to Love

  1. dude this amazing, it reminds me of how i feel about my friend cassie but im worried to change things between us, this just boosted my confidence that it will work between us, thanks man

  2. Friends who love are the best kind. 🙂

    Don, I have a confession to make: I am soooo jealous of how easily you can change the look of your blog to keep it fresh and seasonal.

  3. Beautiful Don … I didn’t want to stop at the commas in the middle of the line … they messed with my flow, so just to be sure, I read it a lot more — and still say, BEAUTIFULLY done Don!

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