Souls Making Plans to Meet

Archetypal Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

Meet me.
Hopefully in the middle, but
somewhere deep, where
we can be who we are,
without all the pretending.

Hopefully we find the right place,
where we can be honest
without being ashamed.
Hopefully this place
where we meet
doesn’t call forth our desparation
or the usual sensual pleasures
causing us to dissolve.

Hopefully this place stirs us–
together, where we can touch
for one moment longer
than we have been apart.
Hopefully this place brings silence
to all the words, no matter
how poetic they may be.

Meet me.
Anywhere, where
truth can be known
without us having to judge anything.
And in that place,
may we embrace,
and be just one.

Click here to hear me read this poem.

Some context for this poem is provided in my reading.

12 thoughts on “Souls Making Plans to Meet

  1. The third stanza holds strong magic for me. Thank you. ^_^ (And, just to add to Floots’ remark: a place with no politicians AND LAWYERS… hmm… I guess I’ll just be getting a postcard. *chuckles*)

  2. Thanks Pat and Serenity for your comments. They are very much appreciated. Hopefully you are both well.

    Serenity, haven’t heard from you in a while. Best wishes!

  3. Like Floots, a place with such honesty excludes the lying of heart. A place I’d like to go.

  4. It’s so nice to know some things are to be counted on….

    beautifully written, Don.

    Abundance of blessings and peace be with you.

  5. Thanks Dan, Aurora, and Polona. I very much appreciate your comments. This poem and the ones from the past 3 days have been driven right out of the belly of my soul. I felt them and just let them write themselves.

    Dan, loved the Wombat. Very cool and SO creative! Thanks.

  6. Thanks Gautami and Floots for your comments.

    Gautami: You are already that place and your soul is already connected to the other souls it must be surrounded with, and all souls are connected on a much larger level as one. You can bring all this into consciousness through what Carl Jung called our active imagination.

    Floots: Thanks, and yes souls love laughter. So much so that gods or spirits of laughter are recognized. The Greeks have GELOS (or Gelus), and well, the UK has Floots, God of Poetic Laughter. And yes, no politicians!

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