Robin Egg Springtime


So much to delight about in springtime—
Fresh green buds on trees, crocuses, daffodils, tulips
But nothing matches a pastel blue robin egg
To ignite spring feelings within me

My robin egg infatuation traces back to first grade
When Miss Woods, using God and science in the same breath
Explained that robin eggs were blue to camouflage them
Among the sun-dappled leaves hovering about the robin’s nest

I decided then and there
That robin egg blue was my favorite color
Because it protected new life
And because it made me feel close to the sky

Even now, some fifty years later
Especially after a long hard winter
Spotting a robin egg shell on the ground
Makes me feel alive in a way only spring can do

6 thoughts on “Robin Egg Springtime

  1. especially in the springtime with so much of life flourishing all around… to see life here once again is such a joy…

    wonderfully bright words, Don

  2. Don, Another wonderful mastery of words bringing springtime treasures close to the heart. Thanks to this poem, I will always remember the color “Robin Egg Blue” … a color I never knew existed in language before. Beautiful poem! Wonderful imagergy created with this poem. Thank you!

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