We’re Never Really Alone


Given a magic wand
I’d rid the world of loneliness—
What isolates us
Marginalizes us
Disconnecting us from the rest of the world

Mostly we do it to ourselves
We think we are alone
Separate from what sustains us
And sure enough
Our connection to life is broken

Yes, others can break the connection
Escalating our deepest fears of being alone
Heightening the pain of our cancer
Amplifying the weight of our depression
But mostly we do it to ourselves

We’re never really alone
You’re not, I’m not
Something Higher connects all of us
In your darkest hour, reach out
Touch it, let it touch you back

4 thoughts on “We’re Never Really Alone

  1. it is a beautiful reminder and a lovely poem… how hard it can be at times to feel that connection… to remember it… to open in our heart’s awareness to it…

  2. I often sit alone,and forget that We’re Nevere Really Alone. I suppose it’s our forgetfulness. One needs to remember. A useful reminder!:)

  3. Don, Your words are so very true. Sometimes, this is a hard ceoncept for us to grasp……that we are never really alone. Your poem is a magnificent reminder of our connectedness to someone Higher as well as to each other. Thank you for your written thoughts…..so beautiful!

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