Home but Still at War

Don Iannone, inner conflict, mental suffering, poem about war, psychological disorders, vietnam war

So much, unsaid
Like all the mute soldiers
Returning from war
Wordless wanderers
Trying to forget themselves
What keeps them there

It’s in their eyes
Hiding under the lids
Like thunderstorms
Lurking behind clouds
Like numb fingertips
Wiping away frozen tears

More came back than didn’t
But even those returning–
Still there, in that place
The one they carried back with them
That’s now their prison
Life sentences, every last one of them

Will it ever end
War that is
Not over there
In here
It takes your words away
Then takes your life away

7 thoughts on “Home but Still at War

  1. If it seems the same,
    Warriors and shoemakers,
    Is your world the same?

    Hardships of journey:
    Trying to die to one’s self,
    Yet, thinking of it…!?

    I like the way you find inner wisdom in your haiku- or haiga-like photos!:) True haiku moments!:)

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