Dangling Winter Leaves

Don Iannone, Image Poetry, photo-poetry, poem about life and death, poem about winter leaves

Dangling winter leaves
Strangers to each other
And to the world watching on
Quietly hoping for a sign
There is something more
Something worth dangling for

Dangling winter leaves
Strangers to reason
And that which it demands
Like leaves clinging to their branches
Each of us, you and me
Cling to each breath

Dangling winter leaves
Faded, tattered, icy reminders
Long past their season
Beyond all reason
Holding on to our gaze
As we hold on to them

Click here to see my photo “Dangling Winter Leaves”

8 thoughts on “Dangling Winter Leaves

  1. Thanks Jel. Glad you enjoyed this poem. All is well and hopefully the same with you.

    Joanne thanks. Yes, time to write some more poetry and some complementing my photos. Hope you are well.

  2. this is so beautiful and as i read the lines of this poem it brings to mind so many different interpretations for me…just lovely…and i agree…wonderful to see you back here…your words adorn your photography so beautifully…

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