Sunny Monday


Monday morning sunshine
Brightens up my day
Warm breeze ablowin’
Lifts up my spirits, this fine day in May

Rays of sunlight, beamin’ all about
No clouds gettin’ in my way
Linger in the sunshine
Ride the wave, let her set you free

No more cares or woes
Weighin’ heavy on your heart
Nothin’ left to hold you back
Just golden sunlight from the start

5 thoughts on “Sunny Monday

  1. Whoops! Just so I don’t confuse everyone, I meant over there to the right. This is why I wasn’t such a good Army man. Left, right, left, right…. Hup two, three, four… love them poems, give me more….

  2. I’ll go to sleep with this one… Let’s hope that, after a rainy Monday, Tuesday will be as light-hearted as your poem, Don!?:)

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