Cool Waters by Pam Hobart

Pam stopped by Poetic Alchemist to read some poetry. I discovered she is a wonderful flutist. Click on this link to hear Cool Waters (Ambient Music Sounds). I think you will like what you hear.

4 thoughts on “Cool Waters by Pam Hobart

  1. Dan: Thanks for visiting and as always being supportive of my work.

    Pam: Will look for your other musical pieces.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I created this piece mainly for a dance/stretching class aimed at at being relaxing and interesting at the same time. I can now add morning and spring-like to it’s description. I’ll have some more pieces, hopefully, today on my website.

    Thanks for listening- Pam

  3. Rather spring-morning-like music. I like them woodpeckers and cardinal and flowers and such.

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