Costa Rica from Upon High

Poem about Costa Rica

first impressions last
it was love at first sight
as our plane edged toward san jose
our dream of costa rica came to life

there she was…
an endless sea of dark green velvet
rainforests, lush, deep, beckoning
lakes sparkling like pools of diamonds

her rounded, layered mountains, interspersed with smoking volcanoes
reached high into the cloud-speckled sky
her jagged coastline stretched into turquoise blue water
we were lost in her sheer beauty

suddenly cleveland seemed so very far away
from a distance this latin lady struck our fancy
now, we breathlessly awaited our first slow dance
to hold her close-up and smell her sweet perfume

9 thoughts on “Costa Rica from Upon High

  1. Thank you Ricardas (how amazing you were just here), Floots (for the insight into Skye, and we must go there sometime), Nasra (yes, some place you must come), Polona (thanks and a couple from your country was here in our hotel), and Kai (thank you…a very beautiful place)

  2. I am just from there! And I can only agree on the beauty of the country. I enjoyed my travel a lot and your words brought me back in no time. Thanks.

  3. i’ve never been there but i understand this so well as it’s exactly how i felt when i first came to skye
    thank you

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