Hanging On

Metaphysical Poem

it slips away…life
between our fingers
over our laughs, cries
even our adventures

just when you think you have it
everything changes, and
there you are naked, wondering
left hanging by a thread

this is nothing new
despite some folks’ protestation
it’s always been the same
only the names change, which doesn’t matter

you will arise tomorrow
everything that was
still will be in your deepest place
hanging by a thread

9 thoughts on “Hanging On

  1. Floots: Thank God you check back. How funny!

    Polona: Thanks. You know this Floots has me questioning the grounds of my reality (or maybe that is my coffee.)

  2. Thanks Andrew, Dan and Floots.

    Floots: Did you mean the Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Longterm Environmental Studies (Europe) or the Greek courtier to Dionysius by the name? LOL

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