Still a Part of Me

Poem about Mom

A part of my life
You will always be
Happy and sad
Both parts of me

Looking back on the years
So many struggles come into view
Roller coaster feelings
Ups and downs, the life we knew

Twenty-two years you’ve been gone
It seems just like yesterday
Where did the time go
I don’t know what to say

A boy can never just forget his mom
After all, I was a part of you
From the very start
Our lives together grew

Spring brings back memories
Of earlier times we both knew
Happy and sad times
Still it’s hard to let go of you

11 thoughts on “Still a Part of Me

  1. Andrew: Thanks. Moms are eternal.

    Aurora: Thanks. It’s hard. Even after 22 years. Mom died when she was only 58. Too young.

  2. Dan: Ah Dan, that would have been my Mom carrying my sister Diana. As for the Model T…It was a delight jumping behind the wheel of that gem.Thank for Gauchies for preserving the car. Remember the smell? Old and musty but deep and lasting. Remember Larry Gauchie who lived next door to us?

  3. I still carry this snapshot memory of your Mom carrying one of your baby siblings across your basement. Seems I peered in at the Model T in the garage nearby just prior….
    Thanks, Don

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