14 thoughts on “Spring Falls Back to Winter

  1. Borut: Astrology has been a helpful tool for me. The Pluto move is big in my chart — so the two astrologers I take counsel from have been saying. Transformation is the polite way to talk about death and destruction and move to the next major stage. I am very interested in all this and will give WOW a whirl. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been dabbling with astrology for almost a decade, Don. WOW – World of Wisdom, which I’ve been using over the last couple of years, is a great, user-friendly astrological program, full of insights and superb textual formulations in English… Talking about the earth plane, the last 15 years of Pluto’s movement through Sagittarius may well have been, with Sagittarius associated with ideologies and Pluto with fanaticism and transformational energy, the time of ideological fanaticism… In January 2008, Pluto moved into Capricorn and will stay there 15 years, bringing about a totally new collective mood… The focus will probably shift from ideology to the transformation of rigid political structures themselves… Personally, I can only hope that, at least, a long period of my obsessive fascination with ‘spiritual ideologies’ and unshakeable ‘personal’ beliefs will have come to an end…

  3. Gautami: Good hearing from you. Poetry is a wonderful vehicle for communicating. I love the fact that you can use poetry to tie together two or more different things in the same frame. That’s the beauty of the poetic journey. Hope you are well.

  4. Borut: I don’t know how you know what you know, BUT it is a Pluto event, and it is also something else here on the earth plane. Thanks. One of the best insights I’ve had in a way. My astrologer has been telling me this for the last four years. Not an easy time given what Pluto is all about…

  5. I suppose it’s Pluto entering the sigh of Capricorn… Some of us may freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw… on a long-term basis!?:(

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