Loose Ends

Poem about Life

loose ends, life mostly
what we tie up, comes undone
even beliefs, especially beliefs–
coming unraveled, just about the time
we think we’ve got it all figured out

never meant to be neat and tiddy
tell your mother, that’s life
chaos, not a cop out, real
life…dynamic, unstable, non-linear, co-creative
just like you and me

loose ends, all we have
even death, especially death–
the ultimate loose end
all of it, life and death
hopelessly untied…to anything

our beliefs can’t save us
they too, appearances–
illusions casting a spell on us
clouds of dust dreams leave behind
let them go, all loose ends

8 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Gautami: Good for you. One thing for sure…what is done is undone and what is undone is redone. Don’t you love it…life that is? It’s so poetic.

  2. Thanks Kai.

    Floots: It’s probably both, and we’re not talking about hair are we? Well, we could be and that’s alright. Too funny.

  3. plaiting loose ends
    i’m never sure if it’s therapy or procrastination on my part
    you’ve got me thinking don
    (and that’s a rare event) 🙂
    thank you

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