Word Pictures #1

Poem about Word Pictures

Off-colored, Jane Fonda’s recent Today Show comment
Benign, a long way from Lenny Bruce
Innocent, something O.J. Simpson never will be
Iraq, another way to spell Vietnam

Whimsical, my mood this morning, but also
the 1906 winner of the Preakness Stakes
February, a very long cold day in hell
when we celebrate everything from groundhogs to Mardi Gras

Nonchalant, excuse me if I don’t care
Methuselah, one old dude, and about six liters of wine
Foozle, what happens to some of my poems
Sanity, a place I’ve not been in a long time

6 thoughts on “Word Pictures #1

  1. Aurora: Thanks. I think you’ve captured this poem very well, and I agree with the role of humor and the light touch in getting at deep and dark. Have a nice weekend.

  2. A nice, off-beat, skipping sort of rhythm that emphasizes the topic of this poem. Sometimes a lighter touch does more to explore darker topics than a more serious tone does. Well done, Don.

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