A Valentine’s Day Poem for Mary

You ask so little, give so much
Your life, your work, so many touch
A grounded leader, who gets things done
Your heart shines bright, like the sun

Your love of nature goes unmatched
Birds, kitties, flowers, your soul attached
Others’ pain you feel, and their sorrow
You lend your support today, tomorrow

You’re tough as nails, when need be
But others’ views you also see
You’re respected, loved, by so many
You win them over, even your enemy

You mean the world to me
In love with you, I’ll forever be
You keep my feet on the ground
No one better, could I have found

So on this cold wintery Valentine’s Day
These words to you I must say
I love you more than anything
To you my heart will always cling

10 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Poem for Mary

  1. Don,
    What a lovely poem you have written to your beloved sweetheart, and what an inspiration you provide for love.

  2. Hello Don
    What a beautiful poem you have written to Mary!
    She must have loved it!
    I did!
    Hope you both had a wonderful Valentine’s Day together!


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