December Daybreak

December Poem

Deafening quiet December morning
Still cold air surrounds and bites at nothingness

Fresh white snow…piled deep, muffles
worldly worries and woes

Light creeps slowly into day, through naked trees
awakening bright red cardinals
plopping from perches into glittering snow
in search of first light breakfast

No highway sounds, lawnmower roars
only the sound of lingering stillness
hushing the heart into patient repose

9 thoughts on “December Daybreak

  1. Beautiful, Don.

    It immediately took me back to my childhood in north-central Ontario where December mornings were often well below 0 F, cold crisp, sharp edged and utterly beautiful. Drifts of diamonds coming to life in the light of the new sun peaking over the horizon, echos of the wolves howling form the night before. So cold that each step in the snow squeaked and if you took a deep breath you would freeze your lungs.

    That is, until I remember having to go to the outhouse in that surreal beauty. Then it became just plain cold!

    May the joy of the season be yours


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