Partial Awakening

fast asleep
the world turns
at a moment’s notice
in unforeseen directions
like those carrying us, back
to our adolescent years

awakening, slowly
still filled with dreams
leftover night promises
then, morning comes
washing away
what was never there

only then, cleansed
we glimpse something beyond
self-deception, misperception
something, we ourselves
must wear inside us–a curtain
hiding us from ourselves

13 thoughts on “Partial Awakening

  1. Dan: Well, I think your dream could be a great book. I think your whole dream is a play on words called “shootin’ the beaver!” I mean in Viet Nam that is. LOL

  2. Don’t know if I got Beav out of Nam, but I guess he survived, anyway. I went on to a convention of Sikhs in that particular dream, and never did get to the sought-after documents…
    And I shall dream on.

  3. Floots: Thanks. Glad you liked it. I liked that line as well.

    Dan: Thanks for sharing. Yes, very much the same. Did you succeed in getting Beave out Nam. Hey Dan, dream on!

  4. Yes! The other night, I had a dream where I was helping Wally Cleaver get the documents needed to help Beaver stay out of Viet Nam. In the midst of all this, I realized that it was only a dream. Still, I continued on, thru various situations. Sound familiar? Kinda like life itself?

  5. washing away what was never there –
    a deceptively simple term which captures so much of what living is all about
    thanks don

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