People of the Lie

Free Verse Poetry, Introspective Poetry, Poems about Evil, Spiritual Poetry

Liars await around every corner
Coming in all shapes and sizes
Peddling deceit
Twisting truth
Dodging what truth demands

Rather than give in to reality
they cling to ego’s shadows
hiding under layer upon layer of lies
Though they pray for light
only darkness comes

The liar jeopardizes our integrity
befalls our character
sucks out our dignity
rubs away our goodness, and
ultimately robs us of who we are

There is hope
You can fight back
against the people of the lie
Not by changing them, but
by honoring the truth inside yourself

Note: M. Scott Peck, M.D., a psychiatrist, Christian
theologian and well-known author, wrote a disturbing,
but tremendously insightful book called People of the Lie:
Hope for Healing Human Evil in 1983. Peck was perhaps
best known for his 1978 book The Road Less Traveled.
I heard Peck talk in the Cleveland area about both books
in 1984. M. Scott Peck died in 2005.

8 thoughts on “People of the Lie

  1. I like what you say in the last verse, Gives me a perspective to ponder! Honoring the truth inside myself.
    This is my first visit to your site! You have lots of nice work here!
    Thanks Don!

  2. Andrew: Thanks. And it is so sad.

    I sent you a note. I love your new book, Tangled in Wisteria. So does my wife Mary. What an amazing story and book of poems. Thank you for sharing a copy with me.

    I urge others to visit Andrew Lockhart’s poetry blog, Present Tense, and learn more about his wonderful book. And of course, buy it!

    Present Tense:

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