Watching My Name is Earl

Free Verse Poetry, Humorous Poems

Made a serious mistake
Watched My Name is Earl last night on TV
Suffered permanent brain damage
from the experience

Know the show?
Hopefully not
It’s a solid hour of sheer lunacy
Craziness beyond description

Not one of the show’s characters
has an IQ above 75
Nothing against Earl, or hillbillies
After all, I grew up in Appalachia

Some experiences require no repeat
Watching My Name is Earl is one of them
Hopefully my brain cells will regenerate
If not, my poetry life may be over

5 thoughts on “Watching My Name is Earl

  1. Thanks Dan. Oops…”brian,” humm….Yes, it is the same as your longfella.

    Gautami: Thanks. I agree. I was desparate for a poem topic.

  2. I’m not so sure, Don that it’s still working –your brian that is. Is that the same thing as my longfellow? Speaking of which… oh, never mind….

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