Eyes Closed Waiting

Free Verse Poetry, Native American Poem, Spiritual Poetry

Old man, your eyes closed
you sit, staring nowhere
Open your eyes, see
what you are missing

That sad song, you hum
under your breath
brings rain, but
also too many tears

Old man, your eyes closed
you sit, staring nowhere
Don’t sit so still
for death will find you, and

across your lips, will write
all those silent words
only Grandmother Moon understands
Stop now, don’t follow her

to that place
where all shadows end
Our hearts still love you
Stop now, open your eyes

10 thoughts on “Eyes Closed Waiting

  1. I corresponded with a lady this morning who felt that she would have regretted doing many things if she had done them. I firmly believe that we need to do those things that draw us to them.

    Loved the poem and I am on my way to write a quick piece about my morning conversation.

    Blessings to you and the poetry you touch others hearts with.

  2. Good one. It’s very important to live in the present.

    Don, it’s Kai’s birthday today! Thought you might like to send her some birthday wishes.

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