Finding Everything in a Fall Moment

Autumn Poem, Free Verse Poetry

Before snow falls
I shall walk barefoot
upon nature’s pastel carpet
of fresh fallen autumn leaves

Just the right place will appear
to park my tired bones, and
soak in fall’s magic
hugging me tenderly
as only a grandmother can

And, before sun sets, just
beyond the faded old barn
I will smile, in warm adoration of life

And once the sun sets
and the moon rises full
I will say in complete satisfaction
I have truly lived

10 thoughts on “Finding Everything in a Fall Moment

  1. Shane: Thanks. Indeed, sunsets and faded barns; all parts of life.

    Floots: Thanks. Too funny. 🙂 Goo, good, God, godet…all the same. Just words pointing to the reality beyond them.

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