Washed Free, Starting Over

Free Verse Poetry, Poems about New Beginnings

torrential downpour, all night
washing away, everything
we worked for, created together
things hoped for, not yet realized, drown
in our own hopeless tears
the ground we planted our lives in, gone

with all lost, we still have each other
two seeds washed clean, waiting
for the morning sun
flooding us with hope, lifting us up
readying us for the new garden
where only new beginnings grow

13 thoughts on “Washed Free, Starting Over

  1. Gautami: I know what you mean. Do you know Amit Goswami is? He is a quantum physicist and a teacher of mine. You might enjoy what he has to say. He is OUT there though.

  2. Been alot of that up your way. You do put a hopeful spin on the tragedy nature can inflict on sll of us. Very good Don!!

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