At Day’s End in the Forest

Forest Poem, Free Verse Poetry, Nature Poetry

Retreating September sunlight
Last traces…
creamsicle-orange glows and streaks
poking through tree openings
Marking day’s end

Rustling sounds draw closer
White-tailed doe, spotted fawn emerge
from forest darkness
Young seedling leaves–
an awaited bedtime snack

Sun’s last rays slip
below an outstretched horizon
Pale blue-gray evening light
descends upon forest shadows
Doe and fawn disappear into their own footsteps

10 thoughts on “At Day’s End in the Forest

  1. Pat: Thanks. Glad you are well. I know that busy stuff. Me too, but I made a commitment to write one stinking poem a day and I do, and many days they are “stinking” poems.

  2. Dan: Thanks, and glad you do. That last line seemed to actually happened as we watched them dissolve into the trail. You know the place!

  3. Rearranged the furniture again. Nice look! I had two bug bucks run behind the house last night. You described my early evening perfectly!! I’m fine, just busy with work. Thanks for asking.

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