The Monarchs on Point Lobos

monarch butterflies, following their destiny
traverse the rockies and sierras in magical caravans
at the right moment, coming to rest in dense clusters
in monterey pines and eucalyptus plants on point lobos

perhaps it’s the call of the sea lions
catching rays on the staggered jagged rocks
or just their hearts beckoning them
to carmel’s deep peace and grandeur

in unison, their wings flutter in the cool ocean breeze
sweeping across the enchanted peninsula
always in pairs, they break away from the clusters
finding their way into the sunny meadows
flirting with the fragrant douglas irises and coffeeberry shrubs

until march, the monarchs call point lobos home
a safe haven where god stands watch
performing miracle after miracle
and where wintering monarchs invite their aquatic friends
the seals, sea lions, otters and whales
to help paint the breathtaking canvas

12 thoughts on “The Monarchs on Point Lobos

  1. ugly caterpillar…………………………….BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY

    will I ever???????????????

    When I was around two years old, I ate a Monarch butterfyl caterpillar. They tell me I broke out all around my mouth and it took ages to heal. I remember none of it, but I had an unreasoning fear of caterpillars for most of my life. Eventually made peace with them, but it took a long time.

    Doing not too bad. Trying to teach meditation 101.


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