Bumble Bee

Children's Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Nature Poetry

plump black and yellow bumble bee
pollinating creature you are
always on the move
never an idle moment in your day

your fuzzy body tickles flowers
uncontrollable laughter it ignites
your hum-like buzzing voice
gently carries in still morning air

drifting through the garden
beauty touches you, all along your way
determinedly moving flower to flower
giving and taking each stop you make

the cat in the window, sitting ever so still
invites you to play some dastardly game
need i say
you dare not partake

watching you makes me wonder
a favorite flower have you
your frequent stops, a clue perhaps
the sprawling shaggy veronicas
might be it, at least today

a wish offered to you and all other bumble bees
may flowers sprout a lifetime
and may summer last an eternity

10 thoughts on “Bumble Bee

  1. Between Hakuin and the bumblebee, I’ve been busy like a bee meself. Nice to catch up a bit. With your poetry, among other things. Nice ones, as usual.

    Just fixed the sink.
    Maybe we’ll eat something now.
    Nice rain showers and other delights here and there.

  2. i’m with you on those last lines
    love the flowers and the bees
    (and the cigarette trees and the soda-water fountains) 🙂
    thank you for this uplifting piece

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